Below is a selection of testimonials from veterans that have attended previous expeditions with VetRun180.  It is always great for us to hear the positive impact our expeditions make to the injured veterans.

VETRUN 180 takes you away from the strains and pressures of the day to day battles of PTSD. You’re among friends that have the same goal and the same desire, to overcome what haunts us each day. VETRUN allows you to speak to likeminded people without the fear of being judged. The expeditions give you a huge sense of achievement. You can once again feel alive and at the end of the journey achieve something that makes you feel proud. The main thing I have taken away from VETRUN 180, I am not alone, I have a new family of friends that understand how I feel and are non-judgmental . The expedition has given me treatment that far exceeds that of any in a clinical environment. I hope to take part again in one of the VETRUN 180 expeditions or to help others get involved in VETRUN 180.

Darren - Army Air Corps

As we arrived at the airport a similar apprehension was in the air, as for myself and the other shadow team leaders hoping to take on more within the Charity in terms of planning and running trips.
The new beneficiaries were soon put at ease by the team leaders and then before you knew it we were landing in Faro.
We were met by Simon and some of the team and in the airport car park we were presented with our fantastic Ford Rangers which over the next few days would be our lifeline as we would be in very remote areas and needed these reliable and very capable machines which enabled us to be self sufficient.

after a few days the team cohesion started to form and we all started to gel into a well oiled machine, tents out all other admin tasks saw every member start to take ownership and simple get stuck in.
The route selection was fantastic and a number of new routes and areas to “challenge you” were found and every person was taken out of their own comfort zone and each day brought its own challenges, we all have different capabilities but we all also have the same mindset to not let our injuries define who we are or more importantly what we can achieve.

For myself personally this was a fantastic trip to focus more on the Team Leader side of the charity and to take a step back each day and be proud of what we have all achieved.

For example on one of the days we found the sunshine and had made good ground we found ourselves with some down time so the team In its entirety went to the local beach and within 2minutes we were all admiring the various beautiful views from the sea and all up to our necks in sea que one of the guys “lads this is the first time I have been in the sea” quite simple put a moment to remember for the individual. “ Spot on Bob “
I cannot wait for the next stage of my VetRun180 journey.

Massive shout out to the TLs and all the supporters as without your support the beneficiaries would not have their life’s changes and in some cases saved their life’s and their families. You cannot put a price on that and VetRun180 is the only place that has the adventure therapy which is proven to go the extra mile.

I am forever grateful to these trips and thrive on seeing the beneficiaries grow day by day.

Lee - VetRun180 - Beneficiary

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!

Lee F - VetRun180 - Beneficiary - Portugal 06/23

I first heard of Vetrun180 through the Royal Marines network back in 2018. They were looking for applicants for a trip to Oman and I knew nothing more about it than that.

When my application was successful, I spent 10 days driving jeep wranglers through the rub-al-khali desert with 15 other veterans. I didn't know when I applied how much I needed that time away with the blokes.

After the expedition I approached my normal life with a refreshed mind and a more positive attitude. Since then, I have guided a cold weather expedition in Sweden, and then was invited to be a team leader on two Scotland expeditions, driving off road from East to West Coast.

The opportunity not only to be around the blokes as a beneficiary, but to also give back and lead expeditions, has been eye-opening, humbling, exciting and extremely rewarding all at the same time!

Joe - VetRun180 - Team Leader - Beneficiary

My trip to Sweden with VetRun180 couldn't have come at a better time. The team were amazing setting it all up and the trip was out of this world. The lads who were on it were top lads and it was good to get back to the military banter and atmosphere. Arctic circle, northern lights, snowmobiling through Sweden, couldn't really ask for anymore! By far the best trip I've been on!
Thank you to vetrun180 for what you do and what you stand for.

Sam - VetRun180 Beneficiary Sweden 03/22

Before I was invited on the expedition, I had lost all hope of ever getting my head right and found myself just wanting it to end. Now after going through this experience and realising that I’m most definitely not on my own and just talking with lads at night around a fire has given me the mental strength and a new lease of life to want to go ahead with some therapy. Not just for me but my family as well so we can grow stronger.

Danny - The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment

Where to start with what can only be described as a dream , the amount of memories, fantastic moments and experiences condensed into 7 days is something I never thought possible , a whole lap of Portugal , from the highest peak or Torre to the clear waters and crashing waves of Nazare the in the Atlantic Ocean home to the greatest surfers in the world , as a keen surfer myself this place to me was so meaningful and will forever echo in my memories .

We traveled across green pastures and flat lands of rice fields spotting stalks and a mongoose to almost desert like conditions inches to the borders of Spain where fire ants would prove that no obstacle is too small for them to overcome.

The group were extremely enthusiastic, friendly and hospitable along with the DS team who were very well organised , experienced , well mannered and professional .

What an honour and a distinct privilege to spend share this time with each and every one of these amazing individuals who came together as strangers and are now leaving as friends and brothers .

Huge thank you to VetRun, beneficiaries ,DS and those hard at work behind the scenes who are hard at work making a difference, changing the perspectives attitudes to on a path to a better life.

It was a challenge and it certainly did make a change ❤️

Drew - VetRun180 Chef - Beneficiary

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!

Andrew - VetRun180 - Beneficiary - Portugal 06/23

I served in the Royal Marines from 1977-1999 since leaving all those years ago, I have slowly been struggling with my mental health.

This came to a head in 2022 when I was diagnosed with complex PTSD and anxiety.

A friend who had been on an expedition with Vetrun180 told be how it had helped him, so I applied not thinking they would pick an old ex bootneck. But they did, so off we set for a weeks snowmobiling in Sweden up in the arctic circle.
I have to say the whole expedition has for me been life changing, I can’t lie I found it both physically and mentally challenging, But that’s just what I needed.
But working back in a team environment with everyone watching each other’s backs has been great. It was also great just to talk and listen to people’s stories and issues, without being judged.

I feel like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I feel more positive and less apprehensive about life and ready to start living again.
A massive heart felt thank you to Ross, Joe, Jonny, Phil, Andy, Scott, Matt, Sam and not for getting Thomas.

I will be eternally grateful.

Karl - VetRun180 - Beneficiary


Not really sure how I can describe the experience that VETRUN180 provide.

I have literally spent years trying different things but concept of Adventure Therapy works and I mean it really works. I’ve been blown away on this trip by the views, locations, dedication, commitment, challenges that we faced, overcoming barriers that may have stopped us and life changing decisions for some!

Absolutely bloody brilliant! I cannot wait to give back!

Andy - VetRun180 - Beneficiary

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!

Andy H - VetRun180 - Beneficiary - Portugal 06/23

Seeing the Vetrun180 charity in operation first hand has being both an honour and inspirational, I am certain there is some things in life I will look at with a different thought process ….

Bringing back many memories of my time serving in the military ,and seeing the group bond and connect as a team has being fabulous to watch
Massive well done to the TL who make this happen keep up the outstanding work KUDOS from me many many thanks

Lee W - VetRun180 - Beneficiary

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!

Lee W - VetRun180 - Beneficiary - Portugal 06/23

I had heard of Vetrun180 on quite a few occasions, Ross Turner one of the Team leaders was my Section Commander in basic training and we stayed in touch.

I’d seen he had been a part of quite a few expeditions in the past that looked amazing, after catching up with him on the phone one morning and chatting about things that only people who have served can relate to he said that I qualified to go on an expedition and said why don’t you apply. I did and after speaking to another Team Leader from the charity I was asked if I would like to go go on a trip with VetRun180.

It sounded like the trip of a lifetime “Ski-mobiling around the Arctic Circle “ I really couldn’t turn it down!

I joined the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards in September 2005 and It was always my intention to serve my full 22 years but unfortunately in 2010 whilst serving in Afghanistan, I was hit by an I.E.D and this lead to my medical discharge in 2013.

I don’t want to come across as selfish but I really needed this trip and I know that Sweden will be one of the best adventures I ever got to be part of.

How many people can say they’ve snowmobiled around the arctic circle, been ice finishing, seen and ate Reindeer and witnessed the Northern Lights!

Also this trip wouldn’t have been the same without the blokes, apart from Ross I’d never met the other lads on this trip, we all had our own personal reasons for being there, some physically and some mentally but we were all there for the same reason. A strong brotherhood was formed in just 7 days and the banter was on a different level.

I’d like to thank every single one of them for listening, sharing stories and making memories of a lifetime.

BIG BIG THANK YOU TO VETRUN180, from the Trustees, the Team Leaders and all the people behind the scenes to make this work and who help so many veterans on different trips around the world.

Billy - VetRun180 - Beneficiary