During the winter months it isn’t possible to take our vehicles on expeditions so during March 2022 we will travel to Sweden and cross the Arctic Circle on a week long expedition, swapping our 4×4’s for snowmobiles. Flying into Sweden on 3rd March, our expedition will take us by snowmobile across the frozen Bothnian Sea, inland following the Råne river to Gorgim and Mårdsel and an official crossing of the Arctic Circle. The trip will be challenging and fun, with stunning scenery, lakes, rivers and forests.

This will be a high octane, cabin to cabin, snowmobiling week, traveling for five days through some of the most amazing scenery that Sweden has to offer covering a total distance on snowmobiles of approximately 600km. During the expedition Team Leaders and beneficiaries will share the duties of organising fires, keeping the sauna warm, carrying water and cooking/washing up. We will be ice-fishing and watching out for the awe inspiring Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) above in the night sky.

For our final night we will have a night of relative luxury at Melderstein Mansion

The trip will run from 3rd-9th March 2022.

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